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Thursday Plantation (53 products)

Thursday Plantation Health Products

All Thursday Plantation products contain plant oils which are concentrated plant extracts. These potent ingredients have the capability to be absorbed easily into layers of the skin. They work at a cellular level in harmony with the body to support the skin’s natural healing and rejuvenating process. It is this delivery mechanism, combined with our strict manufacturing process, which is at the heart of Thursday Plantation’s product effectiveness and high quality.


Thursday Plantation is a brand manufactured by Integria Healthcare, Australia’s leading healthcare products manufacturer. Thursday Plantation offers a unique range of health and beauty products, all derived from nature’s oils. They rely on the restorative power of natural oils to keep your skin at its healthiest and looking its best.


The all-natural Thursday Plantation product range does not contain synthetic parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), sodium lauryl ether sulphate (SLES), or harsh detergents. Their products are also all free from animal testing. You’ll also find that a lot of their products carry the ‘Made in Australia’ certification. Thursday Plantation strongly believes in supporting the local economy and makes it their mission to source ingredients from local suppliers whenever possible. Their product packaging is even conducted at their Thursday Plantation Ballina facility in NSW Australia.


Some of the best-selling products from Thursday Plantation

One of the best-selling products in their fantastic health and beauty product range is undoubtedly the Thursday Plantation Aloe Vera Gel. The family pack size bottle is a big hit with our customers and deserves a place in every household in Australia.


This natural moisturiser and emollient contains 97.4% fresh Aloe Vera and offers several benefits. It can help to relieve sunburn, hydrate and replenish the skin after sun exposure, relieve skin rashes and insect bites as well as calm minor burns and irritated skin conditions. As it’s suitable for all skin types, the gel is the perfect solution for sun exposure and problems for all members of the family.


Thursday Plantation is probably best known for their extensive range of tea tree oil based products. The Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil range includes a vast range of products from lip guards to blemish sticks, face wash to foot sprays, head lice kits to shampoos and conditioners, face cream to body washes and more.


They have even formulated a number of specialist products for acne sufferers. As tea tree oil is known to have powerful anti-bacterial properties, Thursday Plantation utilise this power to formulate excellent face washes, face wipes, face toners and even medicated gels for acne sufferers.


Among the range of specialist Thursday Plantation products is a chickweed-based Eczema and psoriasis ointment. They have also formulated an excellent Thuja based ointment to add with wart removal as well as a calendula based ointment to calm skin rashes. This Australian brand simply knows no bounds when it comes to utilising the power of natural oils to aid skin conditions.


Buy Thursday Plantation products online in Australia

Are you looking to buy Thursday Plantation products online in Australia? We have what you need here at Mr Vitamins. You will find that all your favourite Thursday Plantation products as well as vitamin supplements, natural skincare products, sports nutrition, mother and baby products and healthy foods from the top health brands are sold on our online store.


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