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Passion Projects (21 products)

Passion Projects Health Products

Passion Projects is an award-winning supplement company, dedicated to providing organic superfood, protein and calcium powders.


Our products are vegan and vegetarian plant-based with nutritional formulas that are far ahead of most products in the market in terms of nutritional value and manufacturing honesty.


We believe that to get the most out of our lives we have to eat well, love well, have fun and contribute to others with a driven passion.


Passion Projects manufactures in a Sydney TGA facility and our superfood, protein and calcium ingredients sourced globally from responsible and sustainable production.


Passion Projects is an Australian-based manufacturer of high quality, organic, all-vegan nutritional supplements. They strive to be market-leading manufacturers of all things nutritious. Each of their supplements and products are specially formulated to offer maximum health benefits and taste great without compromising the integrity and quality of the ingredients.


Founded in 2012, Passion Projects is pioneered by Lynette and Alejandro de la Vega. In 2005, their son was diagnosed with dyslexia and the couple used their own initiative to ensure he had the best nutrition possible to support his learning.


Lynette had been busy studying the protocols of Henry Osiecki, a leading Australian Biochemist and Nutritionist, to support her own sport and fitness goals. The couple followed similar protocols when blending and mixing various nutritional ingredients to support their son’s learning. They found that the concentrates and mix of nutritional ingredients they were giving their son were making a difference to his learning outcomes and the quality of his life in general.


The idea of Passion Projects was born to give people who don’t have the knowledge of, orthe access to, the right ingredients an easy solution to healthy nutrition. The duo joined up with Henry Osiecki to deliver a range of quality nutritional solutions. That extensive range of quality products includes detox products, protein powders, calcium supplements and super food nutritional supplements.


Passion Projects

Passion Projects protein powders have become a particularly successful hit with Australians. Perfect for use in high protein breakfast smoothies, Passion Projects range of protein powders includes



Each protein supplement is made from raw, organic supplements, tastes great and provides excellent support for overall well-being, body shape, strength & recovery.


Passion Projects are best loved for their nutrient packed superfood supplements. Passion Projects Superfood Powder is made up of over 80 ingredients including organic fruit and vegetables, chlorophyll, essential fatty acids, probiotics, turmeric, amino acids, cinnamon, protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.


Passion Projects Complex Green provides the perfect way to get all of your required nutrients in an easy, one a day formula. This powerful daily supplement supports your overall well-being, alkalizes and detoxifies the body and boots your energy levels among many other health benefits.


If you want to buy Passion Projects online in Australia, you can get everything you need from Mr Vitamins. Not only will you find quality products from Passion Projects in our store, you’ll also find all of your favourite vitamin and mineral supplements, sports nutrition products, natural mother and baby products, organic and natural skincare and quality healthy foods.


Purchasing health products and nutritional supplements has never been easier. Call our team of qualified Nutritionists, Naturopaths, and natural health professionals for advice and more information on any of our products.

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