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Nutra-Life, using New Zealand’s natural resources and industry research on protein and energy, have become market leaders with athletes around the world helping them improve performance.


In 2007, Nutra-Life joined with Healtheries, a leading Australasian supplement & health food company, to form Vitaco Health (NZ) Ltd – one of Australasia’s largest health and wellness product manufacturers.


Nutra-Life is undoubtedly one of the biggest brand names when it comes to health products. Two women with one common goal founded Nutra-Life in 1996, and that aim was to provide health-conscious persons with safe, natural, and clinically proven nutritional supplements.


The brand rapidly developed a reputation for producing some of the highest quality supplements on the market. Their range has massively expanded over the years and Nutra-Life now manufacture an extensive range of supplements to support and maintain a healthy body.


Nutra-Life is exclusive to health food stores only, so you will not be able to purchase these products from your local pharmacy or supermarket. Mr Vitamin is proud to bring over 100 of Nutra-Life’s high quality nutritional supplements and health products to the Australian market.


Nutra-Life Products

Initially, Nutra-Life specialised in sports nutrition products, which remain an important part of their business today under the Balance brand. Nutra-Life products, using New Zealand’s natural resources and industry research on energy and protein, have become market leaders with athletes around the world helping them improve performance.


All NutraLife Products are made with the finest ingredients that are carefully selected. These premium ingredients are blended together using a balanced formula that’s designed to promote optimum potency and bioavailability. Strict quality control measures are put in place in the manufacturing facility, which is GMP certified, to ensure that the highest of standards are continually met.


The benefits of NutraLife products are vast. From obtaining essential vitamins and minerals to aiding weight loss and assisting you with your sports and fitness goals, NutraLife products have the perfect blend of ingredients to both support and sustain a health body.


• For supporting overall health, we recommend the Nutra-Life Ultra Daily High Potency Multivitamins. The ultimate multivitamin and mineral formula, this supplement provides support for overall wellbeing of both body and mind.


• Nutra-Life also offers a range of quality supplements to support sports and fitness training. Nutra-Life Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM provides excellent nutritional support for joints, cartilage and ligaments.


• Nutra-Life Fish Oil supplements such as Omega 3 Fish Oil 1500mg and Ocean Clean Triple Strength Omega 3 220C also provide excellent support for anyone with joint problems or for those who exercise regularly.


• Nutra-Life also offer delicious organic protein powders in chocolate and vanilla flavours. Made with a natural, vegan friendly formula, these protein powders provide a complete serving of essential & non-essential amino acids as well as a host of digestive enzymes.


• We stock an extensive selection of Nutra-Life supplements to help combat poor digestion. Choose from herbal milk thistle supplement, digestive enzymes formulas, lecithin granules, glutamine supplements and Nutra-Life probiotic supplements.


• Specialist supplements like Nutra-Life Sleep Well help to aid fatigue and restlessness. Guarana Ginseng boosts natural energy levels while Meno-Life provides menopause support while Tyrosine 500 provides stress and mood support.


If you’re looking to buy Nutra-Life products online in Australia, Mr Vitamin’soffers an extensive selection of products from this best-selling brand.


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