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Melrose (55 products)


Melrose products are available from good health food stores nationally, organic retailers, pharmacies and selected independent supermarkets and grocery providers.


Our aim is to be Australia's most trusted and respected whole body health company. Wherever possible we use ingredients from Australian organic farms.


For the last 30 years, Melrose has been providing Australians with safe, effective, natural and organic foods. They focus on offering a range of products that:


• Have therapeutic properties,

• Provide vitality,

• Address deficiencies

• Maintain whole body health


As a company that’s dedicated and passionate to deliver top quality products, Melrose has one main goal in mind and that’s to become Australia’s most trusted and respected whole body health company. In order to achieve this, they source many of their products from organic Australian farms.


Melrose products are available exclusively in good health food stores nationally, pharmacies, organic retailers, and selected independent grocery providers and supermarkets. Mr Vitamins are proud suppliers of the brand, stocking a range of their most popular food products and selling them at discounted prices.


Melrose Products

The Melrose line of products is vast and caters to a variety of everyday needs. You can find quality bath and body products, coconut oil, fish oil, health foods, home care products, massage products and other supplements. These products are all natural and certified organic, so you are sure to consume only the best the Australian health food market has to offer when choosing Melrose.


The best-selling products available in the Melrose range include:


Melrose Flaxseed Oil is an excellent source of omega 3 fatty acids. It is unrefined and cold pressed. Having a pleasant nutty flavour, it can be added to just about any dish for a quick health boost.


Melrose Barley Grass provides a great supplement for diets deficient in green vegetables. Melrose Barley Grass is prepared with the dehydrated leaves of organically grown young barley plants and it contains dietary fibre, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, chlorophyll and other essential nutrients.


Melrose Wheat Grass is an excellent source of green vegetable nutrition. It is made from the dehydrated leaves of organically grown young wheat plants. Rich in dietary fibre, minerals and antioxidants, Melrose wheat grass is excellent for colon health and overall regularity.


Melrose stands by the idea of having respect for the human body and the planet, believing that healthy products should be beneficial for both humans and the planet. People are responsible for their well-being, and the Melrose range of healthy products contributes to this responsibility by providing Australians with the best there is to offer.


Mr Vitamins is proud to carry a wide variety of products from the Melrose range. You can find an assortment of Melrose supplements that includes flaxseed oil, barley grass, wheat grass, fish oil and other products.


You can find all of these exclusive Melrose products online at hugely discounted prices of up to 60% off the regular cost. Additionally, if you spend $200 or more, you can enjoy free shipping throughout Australia.


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