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Kapai Puku was developed in Australia by Graeme Johnstone after a worrying medical experience. In researching possible remedies, it soon became apparent just how many people take little or no care in looking after their minds and bodies – the very vehicles that transport us through our lives.


Kapai Puku is an amazing blend of high fibre, raw ingredients and wholegrains including Chia Seeds, Linseeds, and Sesame Seeds which can be eaten in a variety of different and tasty ways. Consuming just one serve per day of KAPAI PUKU® will exfoliate and cleanse the intestinal tract, increase metabolic rate and act as an appetite suppressant.


KAPAI PUKU® is one of the highest fibre energy sources on the market today, made up of 100% natural ingredients with no added salt, dairy, nuts or preservatives, KAPAI PUKU® products provide an easy and delicious solution for daily optimum health and regularity. All products in the range are also GM, Gluten and Wheat free and are suitable for vegans. It’s simple, unprocessed food – medicine, the way Mother Nature intended.


Kapai Puku can aid those looking for weight loss or detoxification as the high amount of protein, fibre and healthy fats will assist in suppressing appetite, regulating blood sugar levels, aiding digestion and speeding up the metabolism. Those looking to gain muscle should also incorporate Kapai Puku into their diet as it aids in fat loss and provides essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals and high levels of protein to aid recovery.


We recommend that you try all our products in order to decide for yourself which blend you prefer. If you are looking for a pure seed blend go for Kapai Puku Liver Health, for an everyday blend with a mixture of seeds and dried fruit (raisins) go for the Kapai Puku Stomach Health, if you want something indulgent and bursting with antioxidants try the Kapai Puku Antioxidant Health which has a chocolate taste from the added Cacao Nibs, or if you are looking for something bursting with flavour and full of fruits try our newest Kapai Puku Heart Health which is fast becoming our most popular. Please note Kapai Puku No. 1 Gut Health has evolved from our Kapai Puku Original Blend. It continues to have that wonderful raw ingredient taste of the Kapai Puku blends but adds a hint of natural sweetness.


Mr Vitamins is a Kapai Puku Australia stockist.


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