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Hivita (6 products)


Hivita's uncompromising belief means you don't have to compromise on your family's health anymore.


The creators of Hivita have been at the forefront of the complementary medicine industry for over 25 years, with extensive experience manufacturing and formulating most of Australia’s highest profile vitamin brands. Now the team is bringing their passionate expertise and innovative thinking to Hivita.


We are dedicated to helping every family get the most out of life by improving their wellness and vitality every day. This is a commitment we take very seriously. Our premium, Australian made products are based on the highest possible standards, the finest quality ingredients, the most stringent research and scientific evidence.


This uncompromising approach to everything we do means you can have absolute confidence that, with Hivita, you are using the best possible supplements for your family’s everyday wellbeing.


Our vision is not to be the largest healthcare company, just the best. In fact, we’re determined that:


  • If it’s not the optimum therapeutic potency, we won’t make it
  • If it’s not scientifically based, we won’t consider it
  • If it’s not premium quality, we won’t sell it
  • If it’s not Australian made, we won’t support it


Their premium Hivita vitamin range combines the best possible ingredients in finely balanced and unique formulations, providing the highest therapeutic potency. Hivita Liquivita is a liquid multivitamin containing 30 active ingredients with easy absorption and natural flavours for vitality and stamina. Hivita Stress is the complete multivitamin formula to help fight stress and fatigue and elevate mood.


And for skincare, their innovative approach has introduced a remarkable breakthrough in Australian health and beauty: The Hivita Luminous White skin lightening collection is clinically proven to reverse sun damage, treat pigmentation and reduce wrinkles. It lightens skin tone, evens complexion, improves skin health and is changing the face of skincare in this country.


The Hivita story is all about passion, dedication and future thinking.


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