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Green Tea X50 (9 products)


The evolution of energy and sports drinks is here with X50 Vita-Matcha! This all new Matcha Tea, Green Tea, Vitamin B and Goji Berry based energy drink is stacked full of antioxidants, essential amino acids, theanine and an effective dose of Vitamin B to keep you energised and hydrated while maximising training. X50 tea Vita-Matcha stimulates metabolism, accelerates fat burning and promotes faster recovery. The revolutionary Green Tea X50 weight loss supplement can be mixed with water to create a deliciously refreshing green tea drink. It can be taken before work outs to increase energy and reduce fatigue or enjoyed daily as a pick-me up.


Not to be confused with other copycat supplements such as green tea X100, Tribeca health’s X50 green tea range is truly a unique multi-purpose supplement that is the result of passion and dedication.


A close- knit family run business, Tribeca Health has been built on the belief that everyone should be have the same opportunity to achieve their best physical performance by making the choice to live a healthy and active lifestyle. Tribeca Health aims to provide the highest standard of health and fitness products, to help customers attain this result.


Green tea energy drink X50 has proven to be a revolutionary product, reshaping the perception of people’s beliefs regarding green tea. They sought to find a way to increase the enjoyment of drinking green tea, so that everyone can reap the benefits it provides. Supported by extensive research and testing, the highest quality extracts were found to create a whole range of nutritious products for consumers to enjoy.


Tribeca Health has never stopped evolving, constantly researching, enhancing and developing products that allow all consumers to achieve their health and fitness goals for increased happiness and well-being.


Mr Vitamins is a proud Tribeca Health, Green Tea X50 stockist.


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