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Caim & Able (6 products)

Caim - an invisible circle of protection, drawn around the body to remind you that you are safe and loved, even in the darkest of times.
Able - our products are packaged in Australia by people living with a disability.

Caim & Able’s founder, Michelle Matthewman, experienced chronic pain for nearly two decades.  As a qualified Natural Therapist she was keen to find a healthier alternative to the constant pain killers - quite by accident she discovered magnesium baths were the answer. 
Around the time Michelle was mixing products in her kitchen and developing magnesium based products to help with her pain, the Australian government announced its withdrawal of funding from independent women’s shelters - in less than 12 months 80% of those shelters were forced to close their doors.  

Now, on any given night in Australia up to 66 % of women are turned away from those shelters that are left. 

This was the genesis of Caim & Able, the range was launched from a desire to make a positive change to the lives of others. We made a commitment to help raise funds to keep those doors open again and by purchasing  Caim & Able products, you are doing more than getting a gorgeous product. You are also supporting the women and children fleeing domestic violence in Australia.

The therapeutic collection of salts and natural skin care range includes Body Scrubs, Bath Salts and Body Sprays, all developed for their beautiful nurturing, nourishing and rejuvenating blends. All are rich in magnesium to deliver via skin absorption, a safe, effective and rapid dose of magnesium to the body 


We believe in the timeless quality of natural products and in the value of therapeutic skin care. All products are of high quality that not only leave your skin feeling sublime, but provide vital nutrition to your body through your skin. 

Michelle’s experience with magnesium chloride shows that it helps to reduce pain but research also shows that a magnesium deficiency contributes to a host of other ailments such as anxiety, restless legs syndrome, osteoporosis, insomnia, heart disease, diabetes and it has even been linked to signs of ageing.

Oral supplements don’t get the job done with up to 90% of magnesium taken orally being excreted.  With Science now proving the best way to get a really good boost is with a particular form of magnesium (chloride) through the skin - so simply scrub, soak and spray your way to better health.

Caim & Able is a 100% Plant and Mineral Based Skincare company with strong principles on adding our community whilst minimising harsh chemicals into ourselves and into the environment.  We strive to reduce environmental waste by now using fully recyclable jars and bottles where possible.

Caim & Able started out as a handful of products being made for friends, in Sydney, Australia. It has grown to products being available in stores worldwide. 

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