Blackmores is Australia’s leading natural health brand. Based on the vision of naturopath and founder Maurice Blackmore (1906-1977), Blackmores are passionate about natural health and inspiring people to take control of, and invest in, their wellbeing. They develop products and services that deliver a more natural approach to health, based on our expertise in vitamins, minerals, herbs and nutrients.

Blackmores approach draws on the traditional use of herbs as medicines, which they then combine with the latest knowledge and developments in nutrition to create truly innovative and powerful health supplements. The team of in-house experts at Blackmores are responsible for developing a range of more than 250 vitamins, minerals, herbal and nutritional supplements. Mr Vitamins are proud stockists of almost 200 Blackmores health products and supplements.


Blackmores Products in Australia

Blackmores offer health products for adult men, adult women, children, infants, over 50’s and teenagers. The children’s range of supplements includes Blackmores Kids Immunities, delicious chewable tablets for children to support their immune health. The Blackmores Kids Multi chewables provide the easiest way to ensure your little ones are getting all the vitamins and minerals they need for optimal health. Kids Fruit Fishes are a children’s omega 3 supplement that actually taste good!


Among the Blackmores range of products are specialist supplements for women such as Women’s Bio Balance and Women’s Vitality Multi. These nutritional supplements are designed specifically to address certain ailments and vitamin deficiencies among women. Blackmores supplements for men include Performance Multi, which is a high potency, supercharged multivitamin supplement designed to meet the specific nutritional requirements of men.


One of the most popular products among the Blackmores range is Blackmores Sugar Balance. This chromium-based formula provides important nutrients needed for the metabolism of sugar and for energy production. Blackmores Superfoods supplements are also very popular, providing an easy means of getting fruit and vegetables and other wholefoods into your diet. Blackmores Propolis supplements are among our best-selling immune support supplements.


Among the most popular Blackmores products are the Blackmores Coq10 supplements. Blackmores offer COQ10 supplements in varying strengths - 75mg 30C, 75mg 90C and 150mg 30C. Blackmores q10 supplements reduces the oxidation of bad cholesterol. Coenzyme Q10 plays an essential role in the production of energy in all cells and supports the health of human tissues and organs. Your natural levels of CoQ10 decline as you age and taking a Coq10 supplement will ensure that you have enough of this essential nutrient.


Buy Blackmores Online in Australia

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