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Bambo Nature (7 products)

Parents want to find the best possible product for their child. This means finding a nappy that is gentle on your baby’s skin, as well as providing a perfect fit that makes your baby feel comfortable and increases your baby’s freedom of movement.


It’s also important to be considerate to the environment. Today’s parents choose products that not only cares for their child but also preserves the world around them.


The New Bambo Nature nappy has all the features you look for in a premium disposable nappy, as well as lots of extra eco - friendly features.


Bambo Nature nappies are one of the most environmentally friendly nappies on the market. They are manufactured in a production facility where 95% of all production waste is recycled. Furthermore, Bambo Nature is proud to carry the Nordic Swan Eco Label and the FSC label.


Bambo Nature is also dermatologically tested and the raw materials are certified free from harmful chemicals and promise to be 100% chlorine free.


Bambo Nature has nappies and training pants available in 9 sizes to suit all ages from birth until your child is fully toilet trained and no longer needs a nappy. The nappies are super absorbent, super soft and breathable.


Our nappies are -




Bambo Nature nappies are noticeably softer, so there's nothing hard or scratchy against your baby's skin. They're even more comfortable to wear than ever!




The innovative new flexible tabs at the side are super stretchy, so they'll move with even the most active baby and keep the nappy in place with no leaks.


Super absorbent


The most important part of the nappy, in our opinion. You want that nappy to hold as much as possible in, so that you're not having to deal with accidents in the middle of the night. The new Bambo Nature nappies have been engineered to be even more absorbent than ever, and that's Size Indicator can clearly be seen at the front of the nappy.


Perfect Fit


The new Bambo Nature nappies have been shaped to fit your baby's body perfectly. Babies and toddlers can move about freely, staying comfortable and protected from leaks.


Thin and breathable


Bambo Nature nappies have been engineered using state of the art technology to make them thinner than ever, yet even more absorbent. Baby's skin is healthier, and there's less chance of nappy rash.


Mr Vitamins is a Bambo Nature Nappies, Australia stockist.


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