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ATP Science (13 products)


ATP Science is one of Australia's most innovative supplement companies in the game. ATP supplement formulas are based on time honoured naturopathic principles of hormonal balance and detoxification, using traditional herbal medicines.


Our moto is results not excuses – and we live by that rule for everything we do. We believe that in order to help people achieve whatever their health goals are we have to produce great products and back it up with great information in a way that people can understand and implement.


We believe we create “best in class” or unique products that no company in their right mind would create. For ATP Science it’s about producing the best possible product we can make. We often say that manufacturing was the hardest thing ATP Science Australia has ever done, but also the best thing we have ever done.


We Create Products with a Difference, just take a look -


Alpha Venus


ATP Science Alpha Venus is formulated for women that have an excess of oestrogen in their body and a lack of progesterone. It is formulated with a combination of herbal super foods used in traditional Chinese, Ayurvedic and Western herbalism.


Alpha Mars


ATP Alpha Mars is a comprehensive formula for boosting testosterone every man should consider taking, especially for us whom are 40 years or older or those seeking to boost their testosterone and gain the physical and mental performance that follows.


Alpha Prime


ATP Alpha Prime has been formulated to improve your androgen to estrogen ratio. Increasing the androgen: estrogen ratio enhances fat loss whilst increasing lean muscle mass.


Cort Rx


ATP Cort Rx has been formulated to help the body to adapt efficiently to external stress and reduce the severity of internal stress from toxic, immune and inflammatory triggers.




ATP Science AMP V is formulated to help you burn fat more effectively when you exercise and as an appetite suppressant between meals. AMP-V is also an excellent source of Omega 3,5,6,7 and 9 essential fatty acids.


T432 Plus


ATP T432 Plus is a unique combination of super foods and spices used to maintain healthy metabolism.


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