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Wine, Chocolate and Tea anyone?

Wine, Chocolate and Tea anyone? | Mr Vitamins
There is some good news if you need a boost to your brain function. You actually can have your cake and eat it too – or at least your chocolate, wine and tea! There is research that says so!

Flavonoids for Health

In a study that involved over 2000 participants aged 70 – 74 years, researchers examined the relationship between cognitive performance and the intake of red wine, chocolate and tea all of which are high in flavonoids. Flavonoids are plant pigments found throughout the plant kingdom and have a number of powerful health enhancing properties. The participants of the study completed a food frequency questionnaire and then completed a series of cognitive tests.  

Combine chocolate, wine and tea?

Those who consumed chocolate, wine OR tea had significantly better mean cognitive scores than those who did not. Those who consumed ALL THREE studied items had the best scores of all. It was also found that the association between the intake of these items and better cognitive scores was dose-dependent. Around 10 grams of chocolate per day and 75 to 100ml red wine per day yielded maximum benefit. There was no optimal amount found for tea. The cognitive benefit was most pronounced with wine, followed by chocolate and then tea. Obviously excessive alcohol intake can be detrimental to health, as can high sugar chocolate, so common sense needs to prevail.

Relax and enjoy good health

To anyone who feels a little guilty about enjoying their wine and chocolate; just relax and enjoy!

Peter Radi - Naturopath and Nutritionist

Having completed many years of clinical research in Naturopathic Medicine and Nutrition, experienced Naturopath Peter Radi focuses on both the advanced therapeutic methods - as well as the time-honoured simple principles that lead to proven health benefits. Peter can help you find the solutions you're looking for, for your better health and wellbeing Learn more about Peter here...   Reference

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