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What’s In Your Cup? The Many Health Benefits of Coffee

What’s In Your Cup? The Many Health Benefits of Coffee | Mr Vitamins
Who would have thought that the WHO (World Health Organisation) would have changed their minds about coffee! Once thought to have negative health effects, new research now links to possible health benefits for coffee. Now, certain types of coffee offer more health benefits than others; and, you have to be careful which ingredients you add to your coffee. Still, as you will see, recent research from The Lancet has implied there may be some health benefits, which may be good news for coffee lovers. However more research needs to validate how consuming coffee fits in with the holistic principles that a Naturopath advocates for good health.

Not all Coffee is equal in benefit!

You probably already know that the world offers a lot of different types of coffee. From mild, light roasts to bold, dark roasts, there is a coffee for everyone. Which one is right for you?
  • Conventionally-grown coffeeoften contains harmful chemicals like pesticides and herbicides thereby competing with any possible natural health benefits of coffee.
  • Shade-grown coffeeis a much better option because it is organically grown, leaving all its protective antioxidants in place and undamaged.
  • Light roast coffeeprovides a higher caffeine content because it has been roasted for a shorter period of time, yet contains a lower antioxidant content.
  • Dark roast coffee generates a chemical that prevents your stomach from producing too much acid and contains a great number of antioxidants like vitamin E and glutathione.

More ways to maximise the Health Benefits of Coffee…

‘Ask a Naturopath’ for their recommendations on how to consume coffee appropriately for your lifestyle. References: The Lancet June 15, 2016  Well The New York Times June 15, 2016