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How Stress can Impede your Path to Conception

How Stress can Impede your Path to Conception | Mr Vitamins
When you decide to begin your journey to starting a family, no one ever dreams that the path to conception will be difficult. However, for many couples this is a stark reality of infertility that can impair their ability to conceive and reduce the chances of successful conception.

Reduce stress to help conception

No matter where you are at on the path to pregnancy reducing stress and beginning a fertility meditation program can significantly reduce stress levels in order to assist you in conceiving.

How does stress affect fertility?

  • ongoing stress temporarily shuts down reproductive processes
  • stress can affect hormonal systems vital for reproductive health and implantation of embryos
  • stress can reduce the amount of blood flow to reproductive organs resulting in less nutrients being sent to support normal processes
  • lack of blood flow and nutrients can result in abnormal eggs and sperm that have lower chances of conception

What can I do to improve my chances of conception?

  • pregnancy visualisation is a simple process where you spend 5 minutes every day visualising yourself pregnant and holding your baby in as much detail as you can imagine
  • exercise to reduce stress and improve pelvic blood flow, even just 30 minutes of brisk walking every day is enough to reduce stress and improve oxygenation to reproductive organs
  • begin a fertility meditation program, there are many wonderful programs which are tailored to specific fertility needs that assist in reducing stress and improve conception rates
  • re assess your diet, low nutrient intake and high intake of caffeine can elevate stress levels and affect reproductive health. Choose a diet high in a variety of fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, protein and whole grains to optimally support stress levels and provide nutrients to support reproductive health
  • Get the right nutritional support - it is important to ensure you are the right vitamins and supplements to balance a healthy diet. Ask a naturopath what's right for you.
If your stress levels are concerning you and you want to conceive, you may benefit from an in depth consultation with one of our experienced practitioners.

Naturopath Chloe Okorn

Mr Vitamins Naturopath Chloe Okorn can assist you in identifying the source of your stress, and guide you on how you can reduce it, alongside a plan to assist conception based on specific dietary recommendations, nutritional supplementation and herbal medicine.