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Reach Your Peak Performance With Peak O2

Reach Your Peak Performance With Peak O2 | Mr Vitamins
Peak O2 is a clinically researched and backed patented ingredient that has been shown to delay fatigue, increase endurance capacity, enhance anaerobic output potential and increase overall performance.It is utilized by bodybuilders, team sport athletes, crossfitters, mma fighters, cyclists and strength and endurance enthusiast are all incorporating PEAK O2 into their supplement regimens. But what exactly is it?

What is Peak O2?

Peak O2 is an organic-certified combination of six Ayurvedic mushroom strains, cordyceps, reishi, king trumpet, shiitake, lion’s mane and turkey tail. These six mushrooms are powerful adaptogens, which help athletes to adapt to and overcome physical and mental stress, which allows them to take their performance to the next level. Peak O2 can be used by anyone and is most effective with any endurance or long distance event.

How does it work?

Peak O2’s blend of mushroom strains are grown on organic whole oats, a unique process that preserves peak bioactivity for maximum performance. Peak O2 contains high levels of beta glucans and L-Ergothioneine, which are effective antioxidants that fight damage from oxidative stress in the body, helping you to train longer, recover faster, and feel better throughout the process.

What are the Benefits?

  • Workout duration
  • Time to exhaustion
  • Maximum power output
  • Peak strength
  • Anaerobic peak power
  • Oxygen utilization during exercise
  • Ability to uptake oxygen
  • Exercise capacity

Does it actually work?

The University of North Carolina conducted an experiment to determine the effects of Peak O2 on aerobic power, time to exhaustion, and lactate levels during high-intensity exercise. For three weeks, subjects consumed either 1.3 grams of the Peak O2 mushroom blend or 1.3 grams placebo (composed of maltodextrin) 3 times per day, resulting in a total daily consumption of 4 grams. At the conclusion of the three week trial, the group consuming Peak O2 displayed significant increases in peak power output, VO2 Max, and time to exhaustion. Contrast that to the placebo group who showed little or no increases in performance.

How to use Peak O2?

It can be used on training days with one serve mixed in water, pre workout, amino acids or protein and taken before and after exercise. On non-training days one serving of Peak O2 should be used twice a day and can be mixed with any beverage. Peak O2 is also becoming popular in the supplement industry with products like Xtend by Scivation, adding Peak O2 into their amino acid blend.


The goal is to maximize human power and endurance and can be incredibly beneficial for athletes of all types including bodybuilders, team-sport athletes,and especially endurance athletes. Peak O2 has got the research documenting its success in human trials which goes a long way in the minds of the Mr Vitamins teams in proving its effectiveness. The Mr Vitamins sports team in particular has really been enjoying it as part of Xtend Perform, and now that it can be mixed in into anything from pre workouts to even fat burners, or protein powders, makes it all the more versatile and easy to make sure we get our daily serving. This is one ingredient you definitely need to try if you’re looking to increase your performance and stamina, especially for any endurance events.

Zack JenetskyAbout Zack Jenetsky

Zack has studied a Bachelor Sports & Exercise Management, he is also a personal trainer with a passion for sports and body building.