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Our Experts Favourite Nutrients

Our Experts Favourite Nutrients | Mr Vitamins
We polled our practitioners and asked them what are their favourite nutrients (vitamin or mineral). Here are the results!

#1 - Vitamin C

"Your first thought is probably immune defence and beating colds and flu when thinking of Vitamin C. Apart from these Vitamin C is beneficial in iron absorption, wound healing, lowering risk of cardiovascular disease and maintenance of cartilage, bones and teeth. It is also an essential beauty nutrient and antioxidant involved in the production of collagen that gives skin its firmness and tone and protects from premature ageing. ( Try Devique's Vitamin C Serum)" - Bernadett Healy "Vitamin C because is simple and effective across so many body systems! A much forgotten about supplement that is inexpensive, it has actions not just in immunity but also for stress support, skin and oral health and detoxification. Use in small doses (250-500mg) across the day as the body cannot store it.  The actions of Vitamin C is improved when combined with bioflavonoids." - Desley Hatfield "The great thing about vitamin C is that you can enjoy all those wonderful, colourful fruits and vegetables such as berries, citrus fruits, kiwi fruits, red capsicums, broccoli and kale and reap the benefits of getting a good dose of this amazing nutrient. We all know vitamin C helps us keep away those winter lurgies, but did you know that vitamin C also assists with collagen production in the body! Who knew looking after your body on the inside could make you also look good on the outside too! Vitamin C also provides us with antioxidant properties, supports wound healing and assists with digestive disorders - Pretty versatile nutrient huh?" - Kiara Parks

#2 - Vitamin D

"Vitamin D, also known as the ‘sunshine vitamin’ since the body can produce vitamin D from sunlight.  Any opportunity to spend some quality time outdoors in the sun can very therapeutic for the body and mind.  Not really a vitamin but actually a hormone, vitamin D is essential for overall health with multiple roles in the body, foremost in calcium regulation important for bone health, it also supports immune function, liver and digestive health with studies showing supplementation can benefit anxiety and depressive conditions. Cod Liver oil is a rich source of vitamin D as well as containing vitamin A and omega 3 fatty acids." - Lisa Vu "Vitamin D is definitely my favorite nutrient, one that I think is completely underrated. It is amazing that our body can produce this nutrient- which must mean that it is uber important for the body. Vitamin D supports a healthy immune system, increases calcium absorption and can help maintain a healthy mood. I believe everyone should have their Vitamin D levels checked once a year, and aim to be in the upper region."  - Maya Butti "Such an important nutrient, Vitamin D is involved in the expression of over 900 genes, and is essential for mental, cardio, immune and musculoskeletal health." - Maria Mitchell

#3 - Magnesium

"My favourite Nutrient is Magnesium as most people are deficient. It covers a multitude of ailments from cramps, anxiety, insomnia, high blood pressure and epilepsy. I like Eagle Nutramag." - Poppy Osprey "Great for energy productions,  Sleep, nervous system support, muscle aches and pains." - Sarah Fehlberg "Magnesium – in all shapes and forms.  Life these days is most definitely in the fast lane – we are go, go, go and our stress levels often reflect that.  Magnesium helps to ease our nervous system stress and unwind those tense muscle in its role as the ultimate relaxer.  Take as a tablet, add bath salts for a muscle soak, or apply oil directly to the skin to help your stress levels ebb away." - Karen Ball

#4 - Zinc

"The multi talented immune supporting, stress modulating, and skin healing properties make this a must have in any supplement cabinet at home." - Jessica Valencia

#5 - CoQ10

"Needed by every single cell in body for energy production.  Brilliant cardio tonic" - Peter Radi