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The Natural Workout Stack You Need For Peak Success

Not to worry – there are a number of great products that you can use to help achieve excellent workout success. Here are the top offerings that every natural bodybuilder should have in their line-up. Branched Chain Amino Acids You simply can’t go wrong with branched chain amino acids. As amino acids are found in all the foods that we consume on a daily basis, you can feel good about putting these into your body. Branched chain amino acids are especially helpful however as they go straight to the muscle cells where they will assist with recovery and muscular fuel. Taking these before, during, and immediately after exercise can improve performance while kick-starting recovery. Carnitine Want superior fat burning? Try Carnitine. This amino acid derivative is heavily involved in the fat burning process as it helps to make fatty acids more available for fuel in the body, increasing the fat burning pathways. Taking Carnitine about 30-60 minutes prior to exercise (or at any other point during the day on non-workout days) can give you a leg up on the weight loss process. As an added benefit, it can also help to increase the overall metabolism of the foods that you eat, so you may notice an increased level of energy upon taking it as well. Pea Protein Pea protein is the next supplement that any natural bodybuilder should be looking into. Pea protein is rich in important amino acids that will support tissue rebuilding and growth, while helping increase your total calorie intake to generate that lean muscle mass. Pea protein is fast, easy, and highly convenient, so is perfect for taking with you to the gym to serve immediately post workout. It’s also a great option for vegetarians and those who struggle to consume whey due to the lactose content it contains. Glutamine Finally, the last supplement that you’ll want to consider adding to your daily diet plan is glutamine. Glutamine is a particular amino acid that is heavily involved in the immune system, so by supplementing with it on a regular basis, you can kick-start your recovery. Those who are training intensely in the gym on a daily basis often deplete their natural glutamine levels in the body, thus outside supplementation is key. Glutamine should be taken preferably immediately post workout as well as before bed as these are the two primary times of the day when you want your recovery to be highest. So there you have your line-up of all natural supplements that can help you get to the next level with your workout program. Focus on these and you can feel confident that you are putting nothing but high quality products into your body and in return will see high quality progress back.  

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