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3 Steps to beautiful Glowing Skin

3 Steps to beautiful Glowing Skin | Mr Vitamins
Have you ever wanted glowing skin that seems to radiate health from the inside out? Taking care of your skin is more than just cleansers, creams, balms and lotions. To properly take care of your skin you also need to eat a balanced diet, get plenty of hydration, and also consider high antioxidant and nutritive supplements to support your skin health.

1. Water and healthy oils are key

Why water? Well, filtered H2O is essential for life for a number of different reasons – mostly because it supplies all the cells of the body with life-saving hydration, without which blood would not be able to pump and oxygen would not be able to make its way to all the tissues of the body. Water is essential for skin cells, because hydrated skin cells are more elastic, resistant to wrinkling, and also able to protect themselves from the harmful effect of toxins and other skin destroying environmental elements. In order to keep the skin hydrated, omega oils are also necessary – not only to create a natural barrier on the skin as a source of protection from the elements, but also to help retain moisture.

2. Plenty of Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E

Vitamins A, C and E are antioxidant vitamins vital for the health of the skin. Vitamin A and E are important for skin texture and for rebuilding healthy skin tissue (your skin replaces itself every 7 days, so it is vitally important your body has adequate vitamin A and E for this weekly miracle to occur). Vitamin C is needed to rebuild plump, healthy cells (as it is encourages the production of age-defying collagen in the skin). By eating plenty of orange fruits and vegetables, like oranges, pawpaw, pumpkin, rockmelon and sweet potatoes, you supply your body with plenty of Vitamin c and beta-carotene (that is converted to vitamin A in your body). Nuts and seeds, along with vitamin e supplements, will help you to supply your body with adequate vitamin E for this vital process.

3. Grape seed extract is a potent antioxidant

Also praised for its antioxidant benefits, Grape seed extract helps in to protect, heal and beautify skin. One of the reasons for its effectiveness is the presence of a high potency antioxidant known as an OPC or oligomeric procyanidin. OPCs are found in large numbers in many plant extracts (Pine bark extracts being one of the highest known sources) as well as in high concentration in Grape seed extract. In Grape seed extract OPCs work to reduce the damaging effect of free radicals – tiny molecules that cause damage to the skin. OPCs are known to have beneficial antioxidants effects up to 50 times more powerful than Vitamin E.