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Pioneering Children's and Family Health... | Mr Vitamins
There are many ailments affecting our children today that were far less common only a few decades ago. We hear more often about ADHD, Autism, Allergies and Asthma, Learning Difficulties, to name a few. There appears to be a direct correlation between these conditions and changing environmental factors. Think about the chemicals and additives in the water you drink, the toxins in the air you breathe, the more refined and processed food you eat.  Is there somewhere you can go if your child is suffering and you want to give them the best treatment you possibly can? There is highly reputable organisation set up as a not-for-profit trust. The MINDD Foundation was established in Australia, and has built a world-wide reputation for providing leading edge support for children’s wellbeing. The MINDD network consists of doctors, health professionals and parents. It promotes effective biomedical and integrative therapies for Metabolic, Immunologic, Neurologic and Digestive Disorders – MINDD. Mr Vitamins is proud to be an active supporter of the MINDD Foundation – not only to encourage children’s health, but yours too.

Find out about the 2017 MINDD Practitioner Event on May 20-21...

MINDD FoundationMINDD provides a variety of educational and healthcare resources and guidance for parents and children. The treatment a child may need to help restore wellbeing usually involves a step-by-step approach to address cellular health — the foundation upon which all of our health depends. To learn more about this leading-edge approach to wellbeing please visit the MINDD website which will give you a more thorough picture. You can also download a comprehensive Free Guide from their website.
Illness is a sign to change. With so many childhood illnesses on the rise, we all need to consider the changes we can make.” —Leslie Embersitis, Director Mindd Foundation
Mr Vitamins is committed to supporting powerful initiatives such as the MINDD Foundation. Please come into the store and talk to us about how we can support you and your family’s wellbeing.