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Microbeads: A hidden killer

Microbeads: A hidden killer | Mr Vitamins
A TV report on Microbeads in our environment raised this worrying issue. Entitled Microbeads: A hidden killer this ABC 7.30 report highlights the increase in these non-decomposing minute plastic pellets in our environment and food chain.

Environmental Crisis?

Program presenter, Hayden Cooper had this to say

"They're found in face scrubs, soaps and even toothpaste and they're known as microbeads. But these tiny particles are wreaking havoc in Australia's water systems and the national obsession with clean skin threatens to create an environmental crisis."

It seems that

'The plastic particle they have found (in fish) is one of billions washed into our waterways each year. They are eaten by fish like this one in Sydney's harbour and are a by-product of Australia's demand for beauty products.

Eliminating Microbeads vital to our health and waterways

The so-called microbeads are found in common household beauty products like face scrubs, body washes and toothpaste".

Jon Dee, Founder of 'Do Something' said:

"Most people we talk to have no idea that the personal care products they're using contain plastic microbeads. People think that they contain exfoliants like apricot kernels and walnut shells and other natural ingredients, but the reality is that so many of these products contain plastic microbeads that are so small that they get through the waste water treatment plants and end up in their billions in our waterways, oceans and harbours."

"Supermarket giants Woolworths and Coles have pledged to remove products containing tiny plastic particles called microbeads in Australia as global momentum grows to eliminate them."

"Australia has vowed to introduce a voluntary ban by 2018, but environmental groups say it's not enough"

Read the full story transcript and watch the video here

The moral is to be extra diligent not just what you're putting in your mouth (including toothpaste) but also what you're putting on your body and what happens to it when you wash it of!!

Natural Alternatives to Mirobeads

Of course, there are many natural alternatives to these supermarket products which do not contain harmful products.

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