Maca - My Favourite Superfood

Maca - My Favourite Superfood | Mr Vitamins

My favourite superfood...

This week, the spotlight shines on Maca powder.

History of Maca

Maca is a root crop that originates from the Peruvian Andes.  An adaptogenic plant of the cruciferous family, Maca helps your body to adapt to stress wherever it originates – such as whether that stress is from the endocrine (also known as the hormonal system) or the nervous system.

Stamina, endurance and libido with Maca

  • Typically used as an energy enhancer and stress regulator, some historians believe that Maca was fed to the Incan armies before battle to help promote energy, stamina and endurance.
  • Fabulous at balancing hormones, Maca has been touted as an aphrodisiac and libido promoter, and animal studies have even shown it to help reduce prostate size.
  • A rich source of calcium and potassium, along with trace elements iodine, manganese, zinc and most of the amino acids, Maca is a nutritional powerhouse that can add health benefits to many.

How to try Maca

Best described as an earthy caramel or malt flavour, Maca can be quite strong for those not used to it, so start slowly with ½ - 1 teaspoon and increase your tolerance gradually. Try Maca powder in your green smoothie, raw chocolate protein balls, stirred through porridge, or in my delicious superfood hot chocolate drink recipe For more tips and inspiration on how to incorporate Maca and other superfoods into your daily life, pop into Mr Vitamins and talk to a Nutritionist.