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Lemon Meringue Pie Smoothie

Lemon Meringue Pie Smoothie | Mr Vitamins
Looking for a delicious smoothie to start your day? Love citrus and fresh, bright flavours? Then this is the smoothie for you! Starting your day with a protein packed breakfast rather than a carb based meal will ensure a steady release of long lasting energy. Add in some healthy fats and enjoy good appetite control until lunch time. This smoothie contains:
  • delicious citrus flavours from lemons that provides vitamin C, antioxidants and antibacterial action against any lingering winter bugs, as well as liver cleansing and digestive promoting substances
  • good healthy tummy-filling fats from avocado and coconut flakes
  • a good source of vegan protein
  • electrolytes such as magnesium, calcium and potassium for optimal fluid hydration

Lemon Meringue Pie Smoothie

  • 200 mL coconut water
  • 1 banana
  • 1 lemon (juiced + zested)
  • 1 tsp vanilla essence
  • 1 scoop of vanilla rice protein powder (try Sunwarrior or Amazonia)
  • 1/3 avocado
  • ½ C ice
  • Large coconut flakes (for topping)
  1. Add all ingredients except coconut flakes to a blender or bullet and blend until super smooth.
  2. Pour into a glass and top with large coconut flakes
  3. Enjoy!
  4. Tip: if you have a high speed blender, try freezing your bananas (peeled first) for extra creaminess

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