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Is it really possible to enjoy a Sugar Free Christmas?

Is it really possible to enjoy a Sugar Free Christmas? | Mr Vitamins
For many of us, Christmas is a time when you tend to let your normal healthy diet slip and indulge in all sorts of delights that otherwise would be off-limits for you. So the idea of going Sugar-Free could be strange!

Give your Liver a break!

Well, this Christmas why not give yourself one rule - to make Christmas Sugar-Free and give your Liver, Digestive System and Weight Control Goals the reward they deserve!

Get some of our Sugar Free Recipe ideas

If you can curtail your desire when eating out - and can be Sugar-Free, then be rewarded by checking out some of our Recipes for healthy desserts, cakes and biscuits and watch out for even more to come. All these recipes are Sugar-Free but some do contain sweet fruits like Bananas and Dates so you may want to reduce the quantities or use sugar-free alternatives where you can There seems little doubt now that sugar is a potential killer and may be the single most important thing to avoid to preserve your health now and into the future. Earlier this year the BBC aired its excellent documentary 'The Truth About Sugar'. If you missed it, you can view it on YouTube or watch it again on Channel 9 tonight 17th December.    

Now you can enjoy a Sugar-Free Christmas

And don't forget to check out these Sugar-Free Christmas recipes! N.B. For serious 'Sugar Watchers' beware of eating too much fruit - the documentary does say that fruit is OK, but it is high in Fructose which is no different from regular sugar when it comes fat and weight gain. Stick to berries; Blueberries, Raspberries, Strawberries and you should be OK. Also check out our article 'Are you addicted to sugar?' for more information on the different type of sugars and sugar-free alternative sweeteners.