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If You Are What You Eat – Can You Eat Your Way to Better Health?

If You Are What You Eat – Can You Eat Your Way to Better Health? | Mr Vitamins
For decades, health-conscious people have stressed that 'you are what you eat' which means that if you eat unhealthy food, then your overall health will suffer. So can you eat your way to better health? The idea that eating healthily will benefit your health has not been supported by science—that is until now…

Food feeds your genes!

Researchers have found that the nutrients the human body receives before and after birth ultimately affect the genes. And that effect involves certain genes being turned on or off. For instance, a lack of certain nutrients may turn on genes for a chronic disease, like diabetes or obesity. However consuming those same nutrients regularly may ensure that those genes stay turned off.

Mother’s diet during pregnancy is more important than her health

One study in mice discovered that mothers’ diets had a great impact on their offspring’s health. So, even if mothers were obese and at risk of developing chronic disease, if those mothers ate a healthy diet while pregnant, their offspring were born healthy. This finding suggests that individuals’ risk for chronic disease as well as their body size is not inherited from their parents. Instead, their health is greatly defined by their mothers’ eating habits during pregnancy.

So, what should you eat to maximise your health?

In order to lower your risk of developing disease, you should consume a diet which consists of a balanced intake of protein, carbohydrates and fats. At the same time bearing mind these guidelines
  • keep sugar at a minimum
  • enjoy fats in coconut, olive oil and butter from grass fed cows
  • enjoy meat from grass fed animals
  • avoid processed and fast foods as much as possible
  • avoid famed farmed fish
After all, your genes are directly influenced by the nutrients in their surroundings - your bloodstream! Of course, you should ‘Ask a Naturopath’ for a consultation to discuss your health issues, concerns, and goals. From there, your naturopath can guide you through the steps to eat your way to better health!