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How to fit a first aid kit into one bottle with Lavender

How to fit a first aid kit into one bottle with Lavender | Mr Vitamins

Medicine in your garden series - Lavender

There have been clinical studies done on both the herb and the essential oil of lavender, this information along with traditional uses show lavender to be helpful for calming and sedating. It is balancing on the central nervous system, and can, in large doses, be stimulating instead of calming.

Lavender Essential Oil

The essential oil can help in a multitude of minor first aid situations, as it is antiseptic and anti-inflammatory for wounds or insect bites, antispasmodic and pain relieving for muscle pain, PMS or headaches. As it is safe to use undiluted, this one essential oil above all others is the one to have on hand for quick easy treatment.

When to use Lavender

Helpful as an anxiolytic and antidepressant, the following are specific conditions for which this herbis indicated:
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • headache
  • nervous stomach irritation
  • insomnia
  • IBS

Care needed

Although considered a safe herb, even natural medicines need care. Always tell your doctor of any supplements you are taking. Care should be exercised using Lavender in the following:
  • With antidepressants or pharmaceutical sedatives there maybe an add on effect, as such, should only be used in combination under the supervision or a practitioner.
Lavender should not be used internally:
  • Although the essential oil is safe to use externally, there is no safety data on using Lavender internally (in any form) in pregnancy.

Maria Mitchell - Aromatherapist and Herbalist

Pain-Relief-WorkshopMaria Mitchell is a fully qualified Aromatherapist and Herbalist whose passion has led her into teaching, and writing about the healing power of Aromatherapy. You can learn more about Maria here Join Maria in her Healthy Ways for Pain Relief Workshopand learn a multifaceted approach to pain relief for yourself and your family – and much much more.   References: Braun L, Cohen M. Herbs & Natural Supplements. Churchill LIvingstone 2007 Thomsen M, Gennat H. Phytotherapy Desk Reference. Global Natural Medicine 2009 Mitchell M, The Aromatic Practitioners Reference, Maria Mitchell 2011