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Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine | Mr Vitamins
Herbal Medicine is using traditional knowledge of flowers and herbs, our original medicines, combined with modern scientific research and clinical data. Herbs are extracted and tested for consistency and quality of active constituents that enable the modern practitioner to be able to safely and effectively dose.  There are a variety of forms in which herbs can be used, including tinctures, teas and tablets.
An initial consultation looks at your health history, your current health challenges, you preferences and then a prescription is created just for you.  Herbal medicine can be gentle where needed and also very effective in helping to treat the causes of disease or support with symptom management as the body heals itself. As such it can be used alone for short term, acute, conditions that just need a little help to resolve, or they can be used long term or as an adjunct treatment to your medical care by your doctor.