Healthy Indulgences Gift Ideas @ Mr Vitamins

Need inspiration for healthy gifts? The creative Naturopaths at Mr Vitamins have put together a delightful selection of healthy - and indulgent - gifts to share with your loved ones (or yourself!)

Healthy Indulgences Gift IdeasFind out here how to share the delights of healthy gift giving with these indulgent ideas for one and all...

Chocolate Lovers Gift Ideas

  Chocolate Lovers Gift Pack If you haven’t got to the Love and Romance stage yet, but there’s someone you’d like to sweeten up, you’re in luck with this indulgent gift. Mr Vitamins has created a sensational and decadent Organic Chocolate Gift Set, and isn’t that a great way to get into the spirit of fun and adventure? Studies talk about chocolate’s ability to lower blood pressure and increase antioxidant levels, but there’s more. It raises serotonin levels and that makes us feel so good it’s equal to being kissed passionately – well almost. It’s the ‘bliss nutrients’ that help to keep us healthy, happy and energised. You might have thought all drinking chocolate was created equal, but you’d be wrong; Mr Vitamins doesn’t do ‘ordinary ’.This one’s gotadded shaved chocolate that lifts your hot chocolate to creamy lusciousness, and coconut sugar to sweeten without spiking your blood sugar. Your chocolate cakes and soufflés will rise to new heights with the Cacao Gold, the pinnacle of cocoa powders. Then there’s the Crunchy Mint Chocolate – maybe after dinner? Yum! But for versatility, and more than a little decadence, you can’t go past Coconut Chocolate Butter. You can eat it, drink it, spread it on toast or almost anything else you can think of. You can’t go wrong when you choose delicious, chocolaty Christmas gifts. Even Grandma will approve.

Chocolate Lovers Gift Suggestions:

  1. Cacao Gold – Ecuadorian Organic Cacao 450g
  2. Organic Single Origin Drinking Chocolate 250g
  3. Raw Organic Coconut Chocolate Butter 175g
  4. Crunchy Mint Raw Dark Organic Chocolate 100g
  5. Dagoba Certified Organic Chocolate Lip Balm

The Natural Master Chef Gift Ideas

  Natural Master Chef Gift Pack Staying healthy, even at Christmas is not that hard. For the people in your life who want to live well, Mr Vitamins’ Natural Master Chef Gift Setwill make the perfect gift. It will be a great way to get in training for the Healthy Master Chef series, and might introduce some healthy new foods to help with weight management. This pack has plenty of staples, plus the Alkaline Cookbook, a must for healthy nutrition. Many people are unable to enjoy festive treats at Christmas, because of the chemicals, bad fats and sugar in many everyday foods. However, once these are replaced with tasty alternatives the foods are well tolerated and become more than simply an occasional treat. So your gift will get lots of people back into the kitchen. They’ll make the best Vinaigrette on the block, when they add the fine Red Wine Vinegar plus Pink Himalayan Salt to the Flaxomega Flax Oil, and the bonus is a healthy 3-6-9 omega balance. Diabetics will be thrilled to keep making cakes and desserts, using Xylitol, which they can eat because of its low GI. It looks and tastes like regular sugar, but has about half the kilojoules and doesn’t cause tooth cavities. If you’re lucky, you might even get invited to breakfast to get the festive eating underway: yoghurt drizzled with Tasmanian Christmas Bush honey and sprinkled with crunchy Chia seeds, maybe?

The Natural Master Chef  Gift Suggestions:

  1. Alkaline Cookbook by Annie Guillet
  2. Organic Coconut Flour 850g
  3. Xylitol 1kg
  4. Raw Organic Coconut Butter 500ml
  5. Flaxomega – Omega 3 6 9 Flax Oil 500ml
  6. Chia Seeds – Certified Organic 500g
  7. Fine Himalayan Salt (Pink) 250g
  8. Organic Red Wine Vinegar 250mls
  9. Organic Toasted Sesame Oil 250mls
  10. Organic Tricolour Quinoa 500g
  11. Christmas-Bush Honey 400g
  12. Natural Baking Powder 300g

The Sensual Pleasures Gift Ideas

  Sensual Pleasures Gift Pack Make someone’s day - or night! Grab them by their senses. Mr Vitamins will make you into a Christmas success story when you give someone special a ‘Sensual Pleasures’ Gift Set. I’d be very choosey about who I give it to; it’s not for just anyone. Pick the right person and the appreciation you receive will certainly be worthwhile. Perfect for girls and boys, it’s quite intoxicating to think about the possibilities of this gift. It’s made up of simple, natural products, and just reading the labels will be enough to get something started. These products can be used alone, but when combined, they make a deliciously exotic, erotic and romantic whole. You’ll be off and running with the Energy and Libido tablets, especially when you see that Horny Goat Weed is one of the ingredients! Calm down a little and add a fine spray of Sensuality – Skin and Space Mist to set the scene. A bath with Rose Petal Bath and Body Oil to get things steamy. Then follow up with a massage using a few drops Passion Essential Oil blended into the Macadamia Oil. It’s a perfect gift for someone who’s got everything – well nearly! Keep a few of these packs handy for emergencies – you can never be too prepared!

Sensual Pleasures Set Suggestions:

  1. In Essence Aromatherapy Pure Essential Oils Passion – Romance and Love Blend
  2. Australian Bush Flower Essences Sensuality – Skin and Space Mist
  3. Simply Natural Oils Macadamia Cold Pressed Oil 100mls
  4. Fusion Health – Libido 30 tabs
  5. Fusion Health – Energy 30 tabs
  6. Vanessa Megan Rose Petal Bath and Body Oil 40ml

Party Animals Recovery Gift Ideas

  Party Animals Recovery pack This is the perfect gift for the party animals in your life. They’ll be stayers through the whole party season and never miss a minute of the action. They’ll love their unique gift set from Mr Vitamins, which will pretty soon be part of their regular party routine. Those clever people at Mr Vitamins know a thing of two, so for the times when you feel so bad “the morning after”, they have put together a collection of natural products to make sure you don’t have to suffer when the good times are a little too good!! The twin effects of alcohol – dehydration and poor metabolism by your liver - are part of what makes you feel so seedy the next day. The active ingredients in this gift pack will give your liver a boost and, at the same time, get body fluid levels back to normal. Except for your ancient aunt or the vicar, this is the perfect gift for almost everyone. Once one person in the office tries it, everyone will want one; as they see the party animals play all night then come up smiling next morning. Not just for the partygoers in your life, it could prove to be a personal lifesaver too and can be used all year round.

Party Animals Recovery Set Suggestions:

  1. Evening Primrose Oil 1000 200 caps (take 2 caps before you go out)
  2. St. Mary’s Thistle 35000
  3. Nunn Active Hydration 3 x tabs
  4. Hangover Eze 10 tabs

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