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Good nutrition is essential for a strong immune system

Good nutrition is essential for a strong immune system | Mr Vitamins
A strong immune system helps to protect you and your family from seasonal illnesses by safeguarding their health and thereby protecting them from the damaging effects of nasty bugs and infections. In order to boost the health of your immune system and protect your body from infections, natural remedies and a balanced nutrient rich diet can make the difference. And really, what do you want to be - a family filled with seasonal sickness or one glowing with health?

Natural Medicine and Winter infections

Caused by viral infections passed through the air and picked up from everyday surfaces, the Common Cold and Influenza viruses cause more than 18,000 hospitalisations in Australia each year! Put this together with the days lost to warm chicken soup and your comfiest lounge chair, and the devastating health effects are only made worse by all that lost time and activity. We should add here that Chicken Soup can really make a difference to shortening the length of any infection!

How a Multivitamin can help you from Winter into Springtime

A perfect diet can provide all the vitamins and minerals the body needs, but unfortunately few people eat the right balance of foods all the time. Adding to this, nutrient levels in foods can vary substantially due to growing, processing, storing and cooking techniques. This means that many people benefit from supplementing their diet with a multivitamin to fill those nutritional gaps. During the cold and flu season the need for supplementation becomes more apparent as your body needs more nutrients to supply adequate energy, to power the immune system and to protect the respiratory tract from infection. And even though the belly of cold and flu season is winter time – the fallout from poor nutritional practices combined with the change in season, can lead many families to fall ill in the springtime.

Olive leaf extracts and Astragalus for immune strengthening

Olive leaves have been traditionally used for their antiseptic and fever-reducing properties. They contain beneficial flavonoids with antioxidant properties, and are a rich source of oleuropein, an active ingredient that supports the body’s natural immune response to infection. Olive leaf extract has been extensively researched for its antimicrobial activity and its ability to help the body to deal with upper respiratory tract infections. Astragalus is a herb used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for its immune enhancing and immune regulating actions. It is known for its ability to support to body to cope with and recover from stress.

Nutralife Winter Multi_30cMr vitamins recommends:

Nutra-Life Winter Multi

Nutra-Life Winter Multi one-a-day, provides a standardised Olive Leaf extract that delivers 24mg of Oleuropein per capsule. Combined with a the herb Astragalus, multivitamin and minerals formulated to fill nutritional gaps, this formulation helps to protect immunity during the winter time and beyond. Find out more and shop on-line for Nutra-Life Winter Multi here