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Get Fresh Breath the Natural Way

Get Fresh Breath the Natural Way | Mr Vitamins
If you suffer with bad breath you will be aware of how those that come in contact with you may step back when you get too close or attempt a hug and kiss, however brief. Hopefully a kind friend will have told you, diplomatically, that you have bad breath.

Valentines Day Coming Soon –Fresh Breath Time!

You may have already tried numerous mouthwashes and different toothpastes without success, but there is another more effective way.

The Easy Way To Fresh Breath

So here is a simple way to ensure that not only do you have sweet smelling breath but also improvements in your overall health. An aid to the complete rebalance of your whole system is the yoga exercise known as Pranayama.  This is a specific breathing technique giving many benefits to the digestive and respiratory organs. As you learn this breath control practice, one of the great side effects is sweet smelling breath!

How To Do The Fresh Breath Practice

Among the many different styles of Pranayama is a technique called Kapalbhati.  In this technique the emphasis is on exhalation through your nose:
  • Sit comfortably and allow your belly to relax and extend.
  • Begin to rhythmically contract your belly (imagine someone is punching you in the stomach and forcing air out of your nose).
  • With your eyes closed, maintain a steady rhythm (take your time – no need to do it too quickly – just keep your belly pumping strongly) and compete 100 breaths (50 when you begin).
  • Inhalation happens automatically with the pumping action of your tummy
  • The whole exercise should only take you a few minutes

The Many Benefits Of The Fresh Breath Kapalbhati Practise

In addition to fresher sweeter smelling breath, here are some of the other great benefits this practice will bring you:
  • Respiratory: Alleviates the symptoms of common cold, cough, rhinitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis, deviated nasal septum and emphysema.
  • Digestion: Improves digestion absorption and peristaltic movement. It is excellent for indigestion, gastritis, hyperacidity and constipation, which can all cause bad breath.
  • Mind: Regular practice of Kapalbhati, preferably under the attentive eyes of a good teacher, has many benefits for your mind and emotions as well.
You will see a drastic improvement to the way your breath smells almost immediately and naturally, without the use of mouthwashes, which may contain synthetic chemicals.