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Energy Healing & Kineseology | Mr Vitamins
The levels of being include not only our physical body, mind and emotions, but also our energy body.  This energy body includes chakras, aura and meridians. Science is only just starting to measure the energy body, and to show it does influence our mental and physical well-being.  The term Energy Healing covers a number of modalities, the purpose of each is to read the energy body, assess where it is influencing your mental and physical health, and to determine how changes may be affected for increased well-being.
Assessing the chakras and reading the energy body or aura, can give information on where the challenges in life are centered.  In some cases the energy can be cleared directly, and in other cases it will involve visualisations, mantras, or other exercises to create a positive long lasting change.
Kinesiology is a holistic natural therapy that combines the knowledge and theories from Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western natural modalities to promote physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. These aspects are all interconnected, so a problem in any one area will, over time, manifest imbalance in other areas. The therapist uses muscle testing as a tool to find information about the client’s well being by detecting where the particular imbalance is located.  The information gained this way can be quite specific and it can give the information on the best strategy to assist the body to reinstate balance. Results are often profound, immediate and life changing. Kinesiology offers an opportunity to lighten the load we carry by reducing overall stress, increasing energy & vitality, clearing acute / chronic pain, improving posture & emotional attitudes/outlook on life, managing stress better & manifesting personal & professional goals faster. Kinesiology is for anyone who is ready to take responsibility for their experiences in life by empowering the client to take control of their life.