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Diabetes relief: Channel 7 News story. NutriKane D

Diabetes relief: Channel 7 News story. NutriKane D | Mr Vitamins

Trials of a new treatment are showing remarkable promise for diabetes sufferers – and it’s because of an unlikely source – sugarcane.

In a feature story on Channel Seven News (28th Sept 2015)  the produce NutriKane D is showing promise to control blood sugar levels. This could be good news for diabetes sufferers.

Relief for diabetes

NutriKane D is a natural formulation for the maintenance of intestinal and digestive health and contributes to the maintenance of blood glucose levels. The product is a natural, whole plant, dietary “food as medicine” to be mixed with water. The sucrose (sugar) content has been removed from the sugar cane.
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Watch this video of the Channel Seven story for an introduction...

Ask a Naturopath

Talk to a Naturopath or Nutritionist at Mr Vitamins about your health. If you suffer from diabetes, there could be many lifestyle and dietary adjustments that support your health.