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Create your own detox: 4 simple steps to cleanse your whole body

green and red healthy foodAlthough it's Valentine's Day it's not too late for a New Year detox!

We all start out the New Year with good intentions, but ideas only get you so far. You need a plan to make your goals reality. What goes wrong? Some detoxprograms can be complicated (and expensive), hard to stick with, require difficult diets and often provide a ‘one program fits all’ approach that might not give your body what you need. Our bodies and our health goals are different. It makes sense to create a detoxprogram specific to you. There are so many detoxing products and programs available, how do you choose the one for you? Personalising your detox to fit your individual health needs is actually easy. Follow these 4 simple steps to get you started …

Step 1 Create your own detox goals

Write down what you want to get out of cleansing.  Be specific and realistic with what your body needs from a detox. Here are some suggestions;
  • Cleanse and begin the New Year with a fresh start
  • Assist in reaching your ideal healthy weight
  • Address excess fluid retention
  • Stimulate sluggish digestion
  • Relieve constipation
  • Support your energy
  • Promote healthy skin

Step 2 Personalise your program

Create the core of your detox program with one herbal product to cleanse all your body systems. Mr Vitamins recommends Fusion Health® Detox which works in five ways to cleanse your body using Chinese medicine. Next personalise your program by adding appropriate herbal medicines to meet your individual goals.
  • Liver Health- your liver has many functions and may benefit from extra support during detoxing. If you have a poor diet, consume excessive alcohol or have sluggish bowels consider including Fusion® Liver Tonic in your program.
  • Weight Loss – for healthy weight loss, carbohydrate and fat metabolism add Fusion® Weight Loss.
  • Kidney Support – for helping fluid retention, and addressing fatigue and exhaustion include Fusion Kidney Tonic.

Step 3 Choose how long you want to detox

  • 7 day detox - when your body feels sluggish and you want a quick cleanse
  • 14 day detox – for general health maintenance every 6 months
  • 26 day detox-  when you have a specific health complaint or need an intensive cleanse
Fusion Detox GuideIt’s time to put it together. To help you combine the core Fusion® Detox with any of your additional products click on our 7-26 Day Detox Program. Simply follow the recommended dosages for your chosen length of time.

Step 4 Make your diet work for your detox

You get more from a detox program by having a clean diet. You can make some general changes to clean up your diet , or you can do a more comprehensive low reactive detox diet. If you would benefit from specific dietary advice consider talking to a Mr Vitamins Naturopath. FusionHealth Liver Tonic & Detox PhotoMr Vitamins recommendsFUSION Health® Detoxfor a whole body cleanse, together with FUSION Health® Liver Tonic to support detoxification and strengthen your liver. Find answers to your Detox Questions and discover more about your liver health. As always, whatever questions or concerns you have regarding detoxing and your liver health  all you have to do is drop by Mr Vitamins and ‘Ask a Naturopath’.