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BEE Amazing this holiday season….. BEE like a bee!

BEE Amazing this holiday season….. BEE like a bee! | Mr Vitamins
Some things you might learn from a bee …
  1. Be open to share - bees learn how to make honey when they are born, then move on to other jobs as they get older and more experienced – they share a lot. Mr Vitamin’s staff shares their knowledge of health and wellbeing daily!
  2. Be a creative communicator – bees dance to communicate to others where to find flowers. Honeybees do a waggle dance to indicate to other bees where to find the best flower nectar, including the distance of the source and wind speed to get there.
  3. Be hard working – bees visit 50 to 100 flowers during one collection flight from the hive. Bees are the only insects that create food for humans and are responsible for pollinating 70% of the crops that provide 90% of the world’s food. Mr Vitamins team works hard to provide you the best selection and the best price!
  4. Be sure to work together – the hive is a highly functioning workplace focused on protecting the hive and creating honey. The queen bee may produce 1500 to 2000 eggs in a single day - over a million in her lifetime, and is protected and looked after by worker female bees, who are cleaners, builders, feeders, undertakers, foragers, temperature controllers and the drones (male bees) – they mate with the queen then die!
  5. Be protective – bees use the honeycomb to store the honey and protect it. The worker bee builds the honeycomb by using honey produced from the collected flower nectar and converting it into wax through a series of glands. Charles Darwin noted that ‘the honeycomb is an engineering masterpiece and perfection in economising labour and wax’.
  6. Be kind – bees are a unique species that have a mutually beneficial relationship with nature. The honeybee gathers nectar from the flower to produce the perfect wholefood and then pollenates the flower so it can reproduce without harm to any other species. Manuka Honeybees gather nectar from the tiny white Manuka flowers (Leptospermum Scoparium) that grow on the sour soils of New Zealand. Manuka Health Beekeepers say it is New Zealand’s pure and unique climate that makes the best Manuka Honey.
  7. Be good givers - bees give to our environment unlike any other species We have a lot to learn from the humble bee. They are the ultimate givers.
Need a special gift for friends or family, or the person who has everything? Give Manuka Health Manuka Honey - the perfectly natural gift. Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year – it is wonderful to share this natural SUPER food.

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