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Are you truly listening … with your senses?

Are you truly listening … with your senses? | Mr Vitamins
Are you a mother, a father, an aunty, an uncle, a grandparent, or a child carer? Have you been reading the headlines in the newspapers, listening to the news, or just have a general interest in children’s wellbeing? Have you noticed that children today are struggling with all sorts of issues; issues that weren’t as prevalent when we were children:
anxiety anger asthma acting out sickness depression drug abuse ADHD bullying obesity ignoring authority asthma
and the list goes on

You can make a difference to your child by listening

I believe that all of these issues are just symptoms and there is a cause. And the way we find the cause is by listening. Not just listening to our children’s words. But listening to what they are really saying with all of our senses. Using our eyes, ears, smell, taste, touch and feeling. When we do this magic happens and things start to change.

Here are 4 ideas you can using today

When we listen we understand children on a much deep level. Use these four simple ideas as a start:
  1. Put down your phone, iPod, computer and television – Create some screen free time in your day to connect with the child in your life. Spend some time BEING together and use your senses as the way to do this.
  2. Practice relaxation techniques – is it time to stop; slow down, breathe and relax? When you do this you have space to connect with your senses and listen to your child.
  3. Focus on once sense at a time– pick one of your senses and start to ‘listen’ to it. For example, if the sense you are focusing on is taste let all your other senses fade away for a minute. Now taste what you are eating. Imagine what it would be like if you were a child again and were tasting this food for the first time. Sense into the taste.
  4. Listen with an open heart– let go of judgements and pre conceived ideas. Now listen to what your child is really saying, what are they wanting and needing? Move past the literal words. Listen deeply with your heart. You may be surprised in what you hear.

What did you notice?

When you listened through your senses did you enter the world of your child? A world where you realised that their senses are turned on and tuned in. This is a good thing because your senses are your child’s, and your, natural guidance system. It’s an indicator of what is safe and what is not safe. So, it is in your child’s best interests that you support them to stay connected to their senses. And one of the most effective ways you can do this is to start listening to them with your senses.

Senses and Sensitivity … there is a link

After practicing listening with your senses you may have started to realise that your child has heightened sensitivity and that they are struggling with this in today’s world. They are not alone, it is found in 15 to 20% of the population are highly sensitive