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4 Healthy Sources of Plant Protein Facts Sheet

4 Healthy Sources of Plant Protein Facts Sheet | Mr Vitamins
  • Almonds – high in calcium, magnesium AND protein, almonds are one of nature’s greatest nutrient rich wonders. Try a handful of almonds as a snack or switch to almond milk to reap all the benefits this healthy tree nut has to offer.
  • Tofu– made from soy beans, this traditional Japanese protein source combines well with vegetables, noodles or salads.
  • Legumes such as kidney beans and borlotti beans –high in complex carbohydrates as well as protein, beans are a great alternative for using in salads, dips and as a meat or fish replacement in meals.
  • Vegetable protein powders -  sourced from pea and rice protein, along with emerging trends in hemp protein, vegetable protein powders are a great source of supplemental protein to be made into snacks and smoothies.
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