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The secret to healthy hair, skin and nails

The secret to healthy hair, skin and nails | Mr Vitamins

Looking for an answer to healthy hair, skin and nails that you haven’t quite found yet? Why not consider supporting beauty from the inside out, with the right blend of vitamins, minerals and nutrients?


Did you know the health of hair, skin and nails are all dependent on several important nutrients for growth, nutrients such as silica and biotin?

Silica is an important mineral found in a variety of leafy greens and is great not only for healthy hair, but also for skin health, skin elasticity, nail strength and nail thickness.

Biotin, part of the B vitamin family, is important for the role it plays in the production of keratin, an important protein for the health of both hair and skin.

Herbs of Gold Silica Hair Skin & Nails contains high-strength silica in combination with biotin and a range of other carefully selected vitamins and minerals, to provide the key nutrients you need to support healthy hair, skin and nails.

Silica, in combination with vitamins A and C all play a key role in helping to support the formation of collagen, the key building blocks for this structural protein needed to give hair its strength. These important nutrients are also needed for skin health, while vitamin C and zinc support wound healing, important for the ongoing health of skin.