Blackmores Lyp-Sine 100T

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Blackmores Lyp-Sine is a dose of the amino acid lysine, which can help reduce the number of outbreaks of cold sores, helps relieve symptoms and helps reduce healing time of lesions


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Contains vitamin C and zinc to promote healing of lesions 


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Product Name Blackmores Lyp-Sine 100T
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澳佳宝 離胺酸片

Blackmores 澳佳宝 離胺酸片(缓解感冒/减少冷疮爆发)可以减少冷疮爆发的严重程度,减少的症状,如瘙痒、烧灼感和疼痛的严重程度。感冒疮的发展时,单纯疱疹病毒处于活动状态,自我复制。该病毒为这个复制过程中使用大量的氨基酸精氨酸。氨基酸赖氨酸竞争与精氨酸吸收到细胞和组织。增加赖氨酸摄入限制可使用自我复制的病毒的量的精氨酸。包括食品,具有较高的赖氨酸含量的饮食,如蔬菜、豆类、鱼、豆芽、乳制品,有利于减少冷疮爆发的严重程度。

  • 本品属于膳食补充剂。
  • 携带服用简单、快捷。
  • 经检验,无添加任何人工色素、香精、防腐剂。
  • 能够有效帮助减轻感冒疮。
  • 可明显缓释感冒带来的不适感。
  • 缩短愈合时间,降低暴发频率。
  • 可以减少冷疮爆发的严重程度,减少的症状,如瘙痒、烧灼感和疼痛的严重程度。
  • 盐酸赖氨酸
  • 维生素C
  • 氨基酸鳌合锌
  • 适合于所有人群使用。
  • 成人每天2次,每次1片,餐间服用,或遵医嘱;6岁到12岁儿童每天服1粒,或作为专业的规 定;6岁以下儿童作为专业的规定。
  • 孕妇使用前请咨询医者。
  • 请勿将其放置在儿童可触及的地方。
  • 请存放于避光,干燥,不高于25摄氏度。
  • 请严格按照说明进行服用,不宜超量服用。
  • 在使用过程中如出现过敏现象,请寻医就诊。


Formulated with nutrients to help provide relief from symptoms of cold sores 



Adults – Dose for risk reduction: 2 tablets per day with meals. Or as professionally prescribed

Dose for management of outbreak - 2 tablets, 2 times per day with meals. Or as professionally prescribed

Children (from 6 years to 12 years) – Take 1 tablet per day, or as professionally prescribed

Children (under 6 years) – As professionally prescribed 



Lysine hydrochloride 500 mg
Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) 250 mg
Zinc amino acid chelate (Zinc 10 mg) 50 mg



  • Contains zinc, which may be dangerous if taken in large amounts or for a long period of time
  • Consult your healthcare professional before use if you have had renal calculi (kidney stones). Ascorbic acid may increase the risk of recurrence of calcium oxalate calculi
  • Vitamin supplements should not replace a balanced diet
  • Zinc may decrease the absorption and efficacy of some medications. If taking tetracycline or quinolone antibiotics separate doses by at least 2 hours.

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