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Chantelle O2 Bubble Facial Gel Mask 100ML

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Chantelle O2 Bubble Facial Gel Mask 100ML is a specially formulated deep cleansing mask.

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Chantelle O2 Bubble Facial Gel Mask is a specially formulated deep cleansing mask. The foam of the gel injects oxygen into the skin, helping deep penetration of pores and thorough removal of deep dirt. It also helps provide good nutrition, keeping the skin rejuvenated, healthier and smoother.

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Brand Chantelle Sydney

香娜露儿 O2泡泡面膜 100毫升





  1. 卸妆后用温水清洗脸部并擦干;
  2. 取适量泡泡面膜于掌心,用指腹沾取面膜于全脸,厚厚地涂抹一层,注意手势朝一个方向避开眼周;
  3. 静静等待5-10分钟,面膜与氧气接触后产生泡沫附着于全脸;
  4. 用温水清洗全脸并擦干,再做后续护肤工作。



  • 储存在25℃以下,避免阳光直射
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Infuse the skin with oxygen and help deeply clean the pores.

  1. After cleansing, wash your face with warm water;
  2. Take a proper amount of bubble mask on the palm , dip the mask on your face with your fingers, and smear a thick layer of it. Please avoid the eye;
  3. Wait for 5-10 minutes. After the mask is in contact with oxygen, a foam will adhere to the entire face.
  4. Wash the entire face with warm water then do follow-up skin care.
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